Friday, April 27, 2007

Keeping Abreast

Several years ago, a handsome young priest came to our parish to do one of those missions things so loved by my Granny and her generation. A Donegal man, as I recall, he was on his first tour of duty in Africa. He told many wonderful stories ; Each one highlighted the love and affection that he shared with that part of the world.

He talked about his first few days, getting to know the locals, hearing about development initiatives and the like. Every young woman had a babe in arms, often slung over their shoulders in a makeshift sling. He told how on his first Sunday sermon, he was highly disconcerted that all the nubile young women presented themselves at mass completely topless. He was honest enough to say that he had masculine urges and found it difficult to concentrate on Paul's 2nd Letter to the Corinthians. So he decided to get his family back in Ireland to collect and dispatch second hand and cast-off summer dresses. When the parcels arrived, he distributed the clothing explaining how in Ireland the locals dress up in their Sunday best for mass.

The following Sunday as he entered through the back of the church, he was pleased to see how many of the young ladies were indeed wearing their gifts from Ireland. However his relief was short lived when he turned on the alter to face the congregation. The ladies had each cut out a large panel from the front of their dresses to allow their breasts be completely exposed!

Speaking of breasts, John of Dublin has an excellent post which is well worth a wee trip. Go now!



Blogger Omaniblog said...

What a wonderful photograph. It conjured up images of the confessional box for me. It was as if the breast was being seen through light cast through the confessional grill.

I'd love to read more of your stories.

11:40 p.m., April 28, 2007  
Blogger John of Dublin said...

Good story Paige. Thanks for the link to my story...your readers will be disappointed that only the first paragraph refers to breasts!!

12:36 a.m., April 29, 2007  

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