Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Feeling Lucky

I know that I vascilate between the increasingly irritating "I'm not worthy" blog and the "Isn't Damien Mulley just God" post. But even when I try to come up with something new, I am reminded that, well, Damien is in fact God!

Now despite having as my default home page on my web browser, I've never really taken much notice of the "I'm feeling lucky" button. I think when I first discovered google, I dismissed this as a stupid feature. (I'm very decisive and often wrong!)

Now because, I don't look at the screen and because I can't type, I discovered that if you type "Paige" and hit 'I'm feeling lucky, you get this
page. Now I know why I realise that God has a name and it is Mulley!

You could kind of say that he has given this invisible person an invisible right!

P.S. be sure to select and not otherwise you'll find a women who has better tits than I!

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Anonymous ainelivia said...

Thanks for the link to, while there I typed in Pat and Olivia, long time friends who have been sailing the world for years now; and came up with their blog on So serendipity there.

And Mulley is right. You have an original voice and take on things; even if you only blogged once a week/once a month, I'll be popping over to read.

11:30 a.m., April 13, 2007  
Blogger Omaniblog said...

Hi Paige...
Do I detect a tendency to search for something "new" to say when you blog?
If so, I understand better why you may be finding it difficult to decide whether to write, or even what to write.
The search for the illusive "new" eh...
May I offer a few amateur thoughts:

(1) you can't help writing something new every time you write. You may not come up with an idea that no one else has ever had. But the way you come up with it is individual, and the manner in which you express it is also distinct, and characteristic of you.

(2) you, nor anyone else, can never write anything new: it has all been said before, even if you don't know where it has been so said.

I did first year philosophy in UCD. I still remember the first lecture: the Greeks had all the key arguments. You can never put your foot in the same stream twice. Versus. Nothing ever changes. I'm not 100% sure of the names of the two protagonists, so I'll avoid making a fool of myself.

This is what your alleged search for the "new" reminds me of.

I bet your debate with yourself about whether to blog or not is much more interesting than the way you have put it so far. I bet it is a question about how you want to live your life, the values, the priorities... and the mark you want to make with your life: what brushstrokes your wish to leave on the canvas?

That I'm sure is more interesting to me than the struggle you have with the cult of personality, the fantasy of the Mulley, etcetera, etetera...

5:57 p.m., April 14, 2007  
Blogger Paige A Harrison said...

Ainelivia, many thanks for your kind words. I look forward to you popping across.

Omani, I hope you don't mind that I used your excellent observations as a basis for my next post.


12:37 p.m., April 15, 2007  
Blogger Omaniblog said...

Dear paige,
I certainly don't mind. I feel a bit flattered. You are not the only person who likes compliments. I spend an awful lot of my time seeking them out. That's why I'm not quite as happy as I could be.

I am delighted to see you weaning yourself off that tendency your refer to.

11:15 p.m., April 15, 2007  

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