Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Schizophrenics will both rule the world

I know that when in company, I have a tendancy to 'dominate'. Its not that I'm gregarious, it's more probably me trying to over compensate for my innate shyness. Every group social interaction is a constant wrestle with my psyche.

"Speak up, say something, don't just sand there like a wall flower!", hectors one part of me.
The other part is aghast. Ssshing me, begging me to not say the first thing that comes into my head. You'd never believe how blogging has been such good therapy. Some of my most outrageous posts have been written but never published. This allow my ebullient side to cut loose whilst reassuring my cautious self that no-one other than me, the nerd who runs blogger and two Lithuanian computer hackers with a poor command of English will ever know.

So it comes as something of a surprise that when someone puts the phrase "Female Dictator" (an oxymoron if ever there was one) into the search engine "Dogpile", blankpaige comes up as the sixth most relevant result!

I really need to have another talk with myself!

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Friday, December 01, 2006

U guys are gr8! - Part II

What a difference a year makes! Or is it just an extra 23 garda trainees?

This time last year, blankpaige described herself as a virgin blogger until JL pointed out that she'd kinda lost her blog virginity. Delving proudly through the canon of work that is my back catalogue, I recalled my 'Operation Free For All' post. Posted below.

This evening, I had occasion to drive through Dublin's favourite traffic hotspots from the airport through to Blackrock at the height of rush hour. Several things struck me immediately. I sailed through the traffic. At every main intersection there was a fine young garda in a fluorescent tunic - each one looking cuter than the next. Somehow they'd more authority and confidence. As a consequence of this hi-vis policy, I saw no-one on their mobile phones whilst negotiating Gardiner St/Dorset St junction. No-one blocked the yellow boxes. No-one jumped the lights. I made the same journey that took 1 hour 50 min last year in 55 minutes tonight.

So might I just say, boys in blue. You guys rock! Credit were credit is due. Nice work.

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