Friday, December 01, 2006

U guys are gr8! - Part II

What a difference a year makes! Or is it just an extra 23 garda trainees?

This time last year, blankpaige described herself as a virgin blogger until JL pointed out that she'd kinda lost her blog virginity. Delving proudly through the canon of work that is my back catalogue, I recalled my 'Operation Free For All' post. Posted below.

This evening, I had occasion to drive through Dublin's favourite traffic hotspots from the airport through to Blackrock at the height of rush hour. Several things struck me immediately. I sailed through the traffic. At every main intersection there was a fine young garda in a fluorescent tunic - each one looking cuter than the next. Somehow they'd more authority and confidence. As a consequence of this hi-vis policy, I saw no-one on their mobile phones whilst negotiating Gardiner St/Dorset St junction. No-one blocked the yellow boxes. No-one jumped the lights. I made the same journey that took 1 hour 50 min last year in 55 minutes tonight.

So might I just say, boys in blue. You guys rock! Credit were credit is due. Nice work.

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Blogger John of Dublin said...

Hi Paige. I had noticed the Gardai at major junctions last week as I brought a daughter from UCD Belfield to Killiney at rush hour. It never dawned on me that it was part of Operation Freeflow until you mentioned it. I need to get out more I guess! Thanks

5:47 p.m., December 05, 2006  

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