Sunday, February 25, 2007

Credit where it is due....

Sometimes the GAA just don't get the credit they deserve. It was so nice of them to keep our rugby team out of Croker until such time as we'd a decent team.

Credit to Sean Boylan for teaching Shane Horgan how to field.

Credit to Ronan O'Gara for realising that a good GAA kick is never out of place at Jones road.

Credit to Brian O'Driscoll & Co. for realising that they weren't the most professional of sports men in the country and then for deciding to follow the lead of GAA county teams

Credit to Ulster football teams for inventing blanket defence and blistering attack.

Credit to the Stadium announcer for bringing a couple of 'fogra' to the occasion.

Can't wait to read Tom Humphries!



Saturday, February 24, 2007

National Obsession

I heard someone comment recently that 'our problem is that the country is so young'. At the time, I thought what a load of self-indulgent rubbish. However, as is often the case, I find myself coming around to agreeing once I've thought a little more about the point.

It seems to me that as a nation we spent the early part of our existence in a subservient need-to-please mode like some little child whose greatest fear is separation anxiety. Then we became the crass, unruly teenager who thumbed its nose at those around us who (little did we realise) knew much more than we did.

The GSTQ/Corker thing is interesting cause we are now trying to convince ourselves that we've moved on. We're bigger than the childish ways of previous generations. But secretly our biggest fear now is that some dipstick will make a show of us on the international arena. And we'll end up being morto!

Of course there will come a time when we learn to care about our behaviour because we think it important rather than because of how it might seem to the outside world. But I suppose we're such a young nation and have so much more to learn!



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Really mustn't blog after a whole bottle of Chianti

Maybe it is the impact of our post-San Marino, post Croker-disappointment-blues, maybe it is that we're all too busy salivating over which stamp duty reduction proposal suits our middle class wallets best? Either way, I've not seen too much in the way of blog commentary on the proposed constitutional amendment to enshrine children's rights in our constitution. Maybe we feel we've ventilated that old chestnut many months ago when we were frantically looking for a paedophile to lynch.

But I have no doubt that our attention will return to this subject. (I just hope we don't have a horrific child abuse case to decry.) So in the interests of better information makes for a better debate, I take the liberty of establishing a couple of matters of fact/opinion (The choice is yours).

  1. Despite who else might have been so labelled by him, Michael McDowell is without doubt the greatest threat to the integrity of the Irish Republic.
  2. When a commentator/politician declares that it is, after all, all about the children, it is fairly safe to say that they couldn't give a fiddler's f$%^ about our young people.
  3. I'm determined to bring a proposal to the people means "I'm f$%#-ed if I know what the public wants"
  4. This is a complex issue = "I definitely haven't a clue what the proposed amendment says or what it means"
  5. We need a debate = "I'm f#$%-ed if I'm going to be the first to declare a position"
  6. We need action now seems like an obvious exhortation. But by definition constitutions aren't meant to be meddled with, without careful thought.
  7. 'A zone of absolute protection', my, now aren't we the most sophisticated race on earth?
  8. "Honest mistake, m'lud" ; Since when did a 55 year old child rapist deserve such a defence?
  9. Why do we think that it is okay for a 15 year old girl to be aggressively cross-examined by a multi-millionaire barrister to ascertain that perhaps she was asking to be raped?
  10. Would it not be easier all round if we just castrated all Irish men since they have the method, means and motive to be rapists?

That should save a couple of pages of letters to the Editor of the Irish Times!

In a previous blog life, Omani and I considered the possibility of re-writing the constitution (I still think that this would make a brilliant blog exercise). I've refined my thoughts on the preamble which surely needs only to say.

'When we talk about cherishing all our people equally' we mean the following definition of 'our people' :-

  • A person of any age, gender, marital status or country of birth

We don't care if the person is 5 years of 95 years ; if they are straight, gay or celibate ; if they are Irish-born or not ; if they are married, divorced or single. A person is a person is a person.

On a lighter note, I previously designed a new national flag. I'll have a quick word with John Waters and I'm sure we can have a new anthem knocked up in no time.


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

God Save Wikipedia

Listening to some old codger on the 11A (was it Twenty Major, me wonders) rant about the offensiveness of the British national anthem, set me thinking. I like my Kanye West, Eminem and I am secretly pleased that several of my CD collection have "Parental Advisory" stickers on them. So when it comes to offensive lyrics, I reckon I can handle most things.

God Bless Wikipedia for delivering the lyrics of 'God Save the Queen'. (see here). I searched in vain for something that might annoy me. It's all "God save, God bless, lets protect, happy & glorious, long may she live".... hardly offensive material.

Now if I were Scottish, perhaps I be offended at the "Crushing of the rebellious Scots", but as I understand it, the Brits don't generally use these verses any more on account of the tediousness of the tune and the desire not to inflame their act of union brothers.

Not wishing to offend our fellow Celts, but I think that this omission is something of a shame. You see it also drops reference to Marshal Wade who was sent to do the crushing. And wasn't George Wade only born in Kilavally, Co. Westmeath!

I suppose it's because as our own anthem proudly boasts, "we're children of a fighting race" and all that talk of guns and canons roaring has us the way we are. But I swear to God if any other nation named an Irishman in their anthem we'd be having a national holiday and we'd twin their capital with Clonakilty.

But I'll leave the last word to the 'offensive' British anthem itself.

"Lord make the nations see, that men should brothers be"

Sounds like a plan. And about time we all grew up.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Where is the love....

It is pissing rain all morning - the sort of rain only Dublin can provide - from a grey and dark sky that forebodes that there is plenty more up there, where that came from. I'm wet through. I've been splashed on by kerb-hugging taxis and the DART was hot and sticky and I've a damp spot on my back from being too up close and personal with a fellow commuter's sopping wet rucksack.

I've an interview in twenty minutes and I'm not looking my best. It is a job I really want, 'cos it is the job I've been doing for the last year and ... well I think I'm pretty good at it. (Don't you just hate having to interview for your own job? It just sucks. Note to self : The first politician who canvasses at my door and says he/she is going to strengthen employee rights is going to get my vote!)

Ordinarily, I'd be more than a little sour this morning. What with the rain, my ruined interview suit and the prospect on not keeping my own job. But I'm strangely calm and serene. I believe that God is good - even if we don't always realise the wisdom of her ways. I know that it will take more than a damp Regina number and soaking Bally shoes to distract the interview panel from my brilliance.

"Miss Harrison, can you give examples of your commitment to a career in marketing?"

"Well, there is the fact that I've abandoned my social life over the past six months and prioritised the 'Rising' account over my blog buddies!"

"Mmmmm. Interesting. So you think web-based delinquency more important than persuading the Irish public to fly Aer Arann do you?"

"Guilty as charged, m'lud!"

Thanks a bunch to you brilliant blog buddies. I know that I've said it before but you are the best.
Talk soon,

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

She lives!

Would that the silence was a prelude to all sorts of interesting stories, a voyage of self-discovery, attainment of nirvana.... alas it is all much more mundane.

Couldn't come back or else people might think I was angling for a "Blog Award" nomination. (That excuse is now over).

I'm going to write again. I think. But first go and vote for Omani in the Blog Awards. Then boycott the awards 'cos JL Pagano wasn't even nominated. That's like Meryl Streep not being in the best actress category. We demand a tribunal of enquiry.

Keep smiling and keep those cyberhugs coming.
Love you all, lots.

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