Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Give it up for .....

Apart from the sense of community, the thing that I love most about Blog O'Sphere is how whenever a good idea is thrown out, it is rapidly improved upon by several bloggers. Curl K recently took the initiative to improve upon her blog rolling by putting a descriptive comment under each blog link. I know that others have done something similar (e.g. Omani). JL Pagano, consistently the most innovative blogger**, regularly gives out Shaggies. Steven has now taken Curly K's lead and has introduce a Why #1 feature on his blog. And Damien has suggested profiling blog newcomers.

I say this, not because Curly K, JL Pagano, Omani and Steven have all written really nice things about me - which of course they have but that's besides the point. They generally say nice things about most bloggers. It is just that I'm struck by the convergence of thought. Then there has been the whole discussion around finding a blogger's best bits. Several brilliant bloggers (among them Sinead) have suggested that I highlight my better posts. (Of course this is probably just a subtle way of saying that you have to wade through a lot of dross before you hit on some nugget worth reading!)

It would appear that in any community, there is a constant search for interesting/likeminded/kindred spirits and once that this search has been sated, the quest turns to a search for their best bits. It seems to me that there is probably some really cool software solution to this 'problem'. But I can't help thinking that the various personal solutions work just fine.

So lets give it up for the brilliant blog community in all its colours. (''Insert HTML for group hug in here'')

(**hey, Damien, how about a "Most innovative blogger" award in the next blog awards?)


Blogger Curly K said...

I agree with you that the solutions that bloggers come up with are preferable to a piece of software. How else will we happen upon new fellow bloggers that we have not yet encountered?

Think there could definitely be a post on it's way from Sweet Afton about the hippie love-in going on in the Irish blogosphere at the minute!!

10:38 a.m., August 02, 2006  
Blogger Paige A Harrison said...

K, I fully expect a vigorous reposte from him castigating us for being so 'up our own behinds' but you know that boy doeth protest too much. But I suspect deep down he cares as much for the community as the next blogger. He's really quite sweet in a rough agricultural way, hence my moniker for him. ;-)

12:37 p.m., August 02, 2006  
Blogger Omaniblog said...

I utterly reject the view that I "generally say nice things about most bloggers."

I do not. I have said terrible things about some bloggers - some things I've written have made me cringe.

I have written things about BlankPaige that I think.

Here's another one: I think she is inclined to be uncomfortable with praisings. She simply can't yet accept that she's a fabulous writer of observed situations and the people in them. She a strong storyteller with a penchant for making me smile and smile again.

Another one: she seems to aspire to be a political pundit. I still wonder if she took that job with the un-named Irish political party? I don't like her principles for "terrorism" but I love her for writing it.

Another: she has a habit of forgetting... forgetting her own sparklingly bright ideas.

Whatever happened to the idea of reviewing blogs? I'm still on the look out for her review of a new. It was on BlankPaige that I first come upon that suggestion: pick a blog, more or less at random, and review it, thereby expanding the know world of blog...

I do definitely not "generally say nice things about most bloggers."

Wash your mouth out...

How come you keep writing so many inspiring posts?

2:27 p.m., August 02, 2006  
Blogger Omaniblog said...

... provocatively inspiring posts...

2:29 p.m., August 02, 2006  
Blogger parnellpr said...

Culry K wrote a really nice one about me 2. I HAVE got 2 get my arse in gear and update my blogroll. Pippa

12:20 a.m., August 04, 2006  
Anonymous Damien Mulley said...

Hey Paige,
Did you get my email from this week?

2:12 p.m., August 06, 2006  

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