Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who & Where's That Girl?

Okay, starter question for 10.

Q: Who is multiple award winning, independent, sassy, not afraid to call it as she sees it, and able to stand up to the Humphrey Bogarts of Blogosphere?

A: The answer is obvious isn't it!

Some time back, I had the distinct pleasure of "interviewing" That Girl, blogger extraordinaire and two times Irish Blog Award winner.

If you haven’t had the good fortune to follow/admire/covet her blog over the past three year, then I’ve some sad news for you. It seems that need to focus on other things will see That Girl stop thinking out loud.

It’s a great shame.

Blogosphere will be a poorer place without her brilliant and insightful writing. Articulate, elegant and informative, she has set the standard in writing and is an inspiration to many.

Maybe it’s time that we started a discussion around “Blog Burn Out”. We’ve had a number of high profile casualties over the past six months. People who have had to stop or reduce their blog output. Is this a sign of things to come? Or is it simply part of the natural order? Should we fret or simply be thankful to have had the benefit of their musings?

(Stop, Paige before you go all Carrie Bradshaw on us – Ed.)



Anonymous annette (that girl) said...

Um thanks Paige - this is a bit like having your obituary written before you've kicked the bucket - but I haven't died...just reorganising my time and priorities. And then again, change is a good thing (don't you think?) I'm still blogging over at so come and visit me there any time you like (and add a link to your sidebar :)

4:04 p.m., July 12, 2006  
Blogger parnellpr said...

It seems as if its time for retirement for a few this week.One of my favourites usedkittylitter ( see my blogroll) has stopped this week 2. I can understand why. Sometimes the sheer effort involved, or the idea of it is horrendous. Pippa

10:57 p.m., July 13, 2006  
Blogger Omaniblog said...

Thank you Paige for writing that appreciation. She deserves every word and you two made a wonderful partnership, I must say.

It would be interesting to have a list of good bloggers who have moved on.

It's made me think of making friends. Bloggers often refer to other bloggers as friends. Certainly friendly behaviour I can understand and enjoy, but surely it's not right to treat people you never meet face to face as friends? We need that word friend to be reserved for people with whom we share face to face stuff. Otherwise we anonymise the concept of friendship.

Or am I going off in a crazy direction?

5:19 p.m., July 18, 2006  

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