Friday, June 02, 2006

Important Research Project

I'm planning to apply to the Health Research Board for funding to conduct a study into increased levels of amnesia among elected politicians. It seems that this group may be prone to all sorts of neurological dysfunction and may be more susceptible to 'Transient Alzheimer-like Episodes' (TEA) than are the general public.

Obviously I'll explore the possible causes for such a malady, the extent of the problem and if it is contagious. Clearly if a TD has TEA then he may also suffer from an apparent lack of control over his own law-making (ALCOHOL). It is bad enough if our politicians have TEA and ALCOHOL problems? But what if they suffer from SEX addiction (Stirs up Extreme Xenophobia). Or COCAINE or ENVELOPE syndromes. (I'll leave you to work out what the latter illnesses are!)

All I need is access to the patient subject group (any TD's willing to submit to a rigorous clinical assessment?) and a few doctors to conduct the rigorous assessment.



Blogger Paige A Harrison said...

And before you get smart arsed about it, I know that 'Transient Alzheimer-like Episodes' spells TAE but you forget that this illness was first diagnosed by a French clinician who labelled it Transient Episodes of Alzheimer's. Further research by Saunders et al have shown that this illness is not full blown Alzheimer's but rather Alzheimer's-esque.

And if you signed on to correct my spelling then you are probably suffering from PRAT (persistent restless accuracy tendancy) or you are Omani!

9:02 a.m., June 02, 2006  
Anonymous Laughman said...

Don't worry Paige. It's pronounce 'tae' in many parts of the country, anyway. (As in, "A mug o' tae and a plate o' shpuds is a grand dinner entirely".) :)

(And before anyone complains, I'm a bogger and proud of it.)

10:23 a.m., June 02, 2006  
Blogger Fence said...

I didn't even notice your spelling irregularities. not till you pointed them out anyways :)

I'm not quite sure what the cocain syndrome is, but does it have anything to do with raisins?

1:22 p.m., June 06, 2006  

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