Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's all about me !

I have to confess the run up to Christmas caught me a little unawares this year. I know that I'm never, ever as organised as I'd like. Each year I swear I'll start that little bit earlier and will be able to enjoy the run into the festive period in fine fettle. Of course it never happens. This year, Tony and I had a procession of work gigs that ran for six successive nights. It doesn't help that Tony freelances a lot and being the sociable fiend that he is, we get invited to all sorts of cool gigs.

I wanted to have a clear head. I wanted to stroll around Grafton Street, check out the live crib, have a coffee in Coocoon, a spritzer in the Westbury with my friends while everyone else was stressing the Mastercard. It just never really happened as I'd planned. Never got to have the mocha in the mall. Nevertheless it was an "interesting" Christmas this year. And if I get enough encouragement, I might even write about it some day.

One of the reasons that I started blogging was to convince myself I could discipline myself to write a few hundred words everyday on a specific subject. Convince myself and then convince my boss that I could do more than sub-edit dire prose submitted by illiterate, gin-sozzled hacks. At last year's christmas drinks, he told me that I had potential. And after we snogged, he said, all I need to do was convince myself, then convince him by regularly turning out articles each day. Now I know that he is full of shit, but I think people say what they really mean when pissed.

Of course, anyone who knows me, knows that me sub-editing anything is pretty laughable. Attention to punctuation, spelling and grammar detail just aint my strongest suits. Which kind of goes to show you just how fucked up the Irish print media really is. So I've stuck with it. Gone ahead compiling those useless classified listings that never get read, prepared stupid supporting tables that people gloss over. It's all drudgery, mindless list compilations. And to keep myself sane. I started writing 'articles'. Looking back at my body of work over the last 3 months, I realise that I've posted relatively few of the articles I wrote. I'm not such why this is the case. I felt that were just homework chores and not worthy of posting, I suppose.

I also realise that I have browsed a lot more than I've contributed. Read a lot more than I've written. This must be totally against the whole blogging principal. But I've got to say, I've been inspired by so many brilliant writers. And realise that my potential isnt' a lot to write home about. Still, got my customary christmas grope from the boss and he seems to have been happy
with my work!


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