Monday, December 19, 2005

And God so loved the world...

that he gave us the ability to laugh and share, to need and be needed, to love and cherish.
He also gave us the ability to hate and despise, to condemn and insult, to scorn and offend.

Today Grainne & Shannon got "married' in Belfast. As with any wedding ceremony, I'm sure that there were pre-marital nerves and a bit of anxiety. No doubt a lot of effort went into the preparations. It wasn't done lightly. It's never easy standing up in front of the world and making this solmen pledge. But it can't have been any easier with a bunch of Free Presbyterians bigots heckling their disgust.

The Levee Breaks puts it so much better than I could. So check out their excellent post.

It is clear to me who has used the capacity to love and who has natured the ability to hate. Every best wish to Grainne & Shannon and to every other couple who stands up to small minded prejudice.


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I've tagged you for a game about "Five weird habits that you have" so maybe drop by my blog for more details if you get the chance! Cheers!

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