Monday, December 05, 2005

Continental Breakfast

Our Office is an increasingly sophisticated place when it comes to food and beverages.  We’ve long since migrated from a Barry’s teabag dunked in a chipped mug to something a lot more elegant.  The change in our communal refreshments has been gradual but no less premeditated for this evolution.

When it comes to tea – we have “regular” (Barry’s Gold Blend for the nostalgic over 40’s), “Green” and “white”.  We boast options including English Breakfast, Early Grey, Oolong, and Lapsung Souchong.  For the macho men on the third floor, needless to say we’ve gunpowder tea.  Our coffee’s come as americano, espresso, and mocha.  Cappuccino is currently not an option but we have our fingers crossed and a chocolate duster poised hoping someone will get an unwanted christmas present.

Accompanying this extensive array of beverages, we regularly scoff croissants (although we agree these are so 1990’s), corn muffins, danish pastries, pican plaits and pan au chocolat.  We’ve been through countless artisan and delicatessen suppliers until we are all agreed that we’ve the best eleven’s this side of Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

Indeed we view this daily morning coffee break as the most important ritual of the day.  We did try scheduling an office update for the same time to assuage our guilt but common sense prevailed.  Now we let no pretence of work interfer with our collective food-induced orgasims.

Yeh as we punctuate our coffee and snacks at 11 o’clock with freshly squeezed cranberry juice (orange is also so last century), we’re a pretty sophisticated bunch even if we say so ourselves.  But I have a secret confession that I’m too scared to share with my work colleagues.  Sometimes I’d just love a breakfast bap from the greasy spoon on Macken Street or a Cuisine de France (Cuisine de Neilstown most probably) floury scone as supplied by those fine people at Spar.  All washed down with a nice cup of Barry’s in my now chipped Dilbert mug.


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