Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Erring on the side of caution

Strange as it may seem, my brain works much faster than I can type. Granted, I can't type all that well which is something of a bummer with this whole weblog lark.

Now I can claim all sorts of mitigating factors. For instance, this ergonometric keyboard was clearly designed for the proverbial Shakespeare-on-a-typewriter chimpanzees engaged in a useless demonstration of random events. I know for a fact that the QWERTY keyboard configuration was a male conspiracy to counteract the inherent greater female dexterity.

But if I'm honest the reality is, I'm so impatient to get my thoughts down, that I move on the next idea before I've finished typing. I also tend to disappear down the closest tangent long before I have articulated fully my first thought. I'm a dreadful speller and my attention to detail is also quite pathetic. Throw in my previously acknowledged sub-conscious nervous tick, and you'll begin to wonder is this the work of an aforementioned ape.

For this reason, I've started to save some of my blogs as drafts which I revisit 24 hours later. It does of course mean that few of my mutterings are contemporary but on the plus side they should at least be intelligible if not intelligent.

I also find that on reviewing my drafts, I can reduce the number of redundant phrases, you know the sort of thing - "stupid idiot Corkman" can be abbreviated to "Corkman" with no editorial loss . I also invariably find that a good few of my most spontaneous posts never see the light of day. Which is probably just as well.

I've heard of English Lit scholars arguing the toss about hidden messages within Joyce's Ulysses. Years of toil have gone into clarifying subliminal symbolism in Yeat's works. It is obvious to me that both men, like me, just weren't vey good typists, probably couldn't spell to well and had no proofreading capabilities work talking about. Why they didn't just save their works as drafts and allow a 24 hour cooling off period, I'll never know.


This post was saved over 24 hours ago. On reading it back I find 17 grammatical & 12 spelling mistakes! Given that there are only 30 or so sentences, I think this demonstrates my point!


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