Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dilbert Rules Okay

I've been a fan of Dilbert every since I realised that he completely understands my pain.

If you've never worked in a big company environment, you'll probably think that it is a remotely amusing cartoon. But if you've lived the cubicle lifestyle and been managed by objectives then I'd say you too are spooked by his perceptiveness.

Sometimes the observations are just so on the money that you feel that not only have you worked with him but you probably had a 10:30 with him that morning. Like all good cartoons, everything is exaggerated to a point where it is so unfeasible that it has a scary realism.

Also, like all good cartoons, one character gets all the good lines. With Dilbert, its his faithful canine consultant, Dogbert. (He's a consultant 'cos it combines the two things he likes to do most Con people + Insult people)

Classic Dogbert Consultancy

Dogbert : If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day
Dogbert : If you teach a man to fish, he will buy an ugly hat
Dogbert : And if you talk about fish to a starving man, then you're a consultant!

I've recently discovered that his creator, Scott Adams has his own blog and its worth checking out. (see Inspiring Links).



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