Friday, November 04, 2005

Suitably Humbled

Dear Blog,
As you know, I'm new to this game. I just love how with ease (okay with some help from Tony), I've been able to jump right in and blog to my heart's content. It's been so easy and I've been exposed to a whole new world of brilliant bloggers. These guys and girls are invariably witty, funny, relevant and interesting. They seem to just catch the right angle on everything. They are a great source of inspiration.

Of course, I've not quite sussed out the rules, nuiances and etiquette yet. And so, I've made a few mistakes along the way. A recent confusion about when to comment and when to link has caused some unintended offence amongst some of the community. I can plead mitigating factors but I appreciate that my half-baked attempts may have seen ill-mannered.

So for the last week, my normal blog time has been spend scouring for "Blogging for Idiots", "Blogging Etiquette" and "Bloggers Weekly" (you know the sort of articles, how good is your blog life and how to get the perfect e-orgasim). Alas, this investigation leaves me none the wiser and even more confused.

So I'm sorry for the slow blog rate, I'm sorry for the offence I unintentionally caused. But sometimes a girl just can't seem to get it right even when she trys really hard.

Yours humbly,


Blogger Fi said...

Paige, I'm glad you came back. Feel free to comment anytime on my stuff or not if you don't want to and good luck with the blogging it's addictive and fun and you meet some really cool people that wouldn't normally enter your life. So enjoy!

12:21 p.m., November 04, 2005  
Blogger MaxiSmeg said...

Ah don't worry about it. Don't design your blog to other people's expectations.

Do it for yourself.

5:00 p.m., November 04, 2005  
Blogger JL Pagano said...

maxismeg is right. The comment section is not just for people who agree with you - it's for prolonging a debate, which is what I enjoy about blogging.

11:13 a.m., November 07, 2005  
Blogger Paige A Harrison said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, for the patience and encouragement.

1:40 p.m., November 07, 2005  
Blogger fdelondras said...

the beauty of blogging is its ease and relative lack of rules. I know a lot of people get annoyed at people commenting for hits (or what they perceive as commenting for hits) but maxi is (predictably) right: just do it for yourself and enjoy it

And I've had a fair few giggles on my first quick read through

From one (relative) newbie to another: good job!

5:22 p.m., November 16, 2005  

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