Monday, October 24, 2005

Tabloid Republic

It is increasingly common place to bemoan the growing tabloidisation of the Irish media. We throw our hands up in horror that our society might be heading down the same road as that our our nearest neighbours. The current furore over the coverage of the death of the late Liam Lawlor demonstrates that when it comes to a media war, the race is very much to the bottom.

Clearly the media have a lot to answer for. But it has to be said that society generally gets the press that it deserves. Aggressive sales and marketing is the price to be paid for free DVD's, 50 cent cover prices and free newspaper supplements. The level of journalism published in Irish newspapers is fairly dire. Leave aside the gutter stories, the sports coverage and political analysis borders on the superficial at best.

Of course, this isn't something beyond our control. We can simply get the journalism we deserve by refusing to buy the lazy rubbish that is passed of as reportage and analysis.



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