Sunday, October 09, 2005

Public Opinion

I'll come clean - I'm a woman on the edge. Every day my less-than-organised editor sends me all over Dublin chasing some story that doesn't really exist or if it does, no-one is interested in it. He asks me for 350 words by 3pm and pleads that it is "original stuff, not some rubbish that you've found on google."

Now I'm the first to admit that I could do with a sub-editor to catch all my mistakes - It's just that the ideas come blurting out so fast. But just 'cos I don't know my 'Complement' from my 'Compliment', or why anyone would want to split an infinitive, does'nt make me stupid.

Then my boyfriend suggested that I start my own weblog. He reckons that I'd be able to write and publish all the stories, editorials and comments that I want - free from Ed's cruel red pen. And what's best, I can do it at work and he ends up paying for it!

All I need to do is decide what my public wants. Give me a subject (politics, religion, business, art, music....) or a topic for discussion and I'll have 350 words for you by 3pm.



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