Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Courageous & Brave

Courageous & Brave

  • Children were being abused and raped by those in whom they had placed their trust.
  • Some reported this abuse ; Some blamed themselves ; Some kept it to themselves
  • Parents denied that priest could or would do such despicable acts
  • Grandparents denied it
  • Friends and family were found wanting
  • The few priests who were confronted denied it
  • Bishops in authority denied it and sought to cover it up.
  • The combined hierarchy of the Catholic Church dismissed it
  • Guards “investigating” refused to believe and failed to investigate
  • The public denied the claims and reacted angrily to those who spoke out
  • The media largely ignored the issue save for a few persistent and brave journalists
Many young men and women endured such horrific abuse and were treated contemptuously by a society that proclaims to care about them. That they survive to have their story told at last is a testament to their bravery. Only they know how courageous they have been.

And yet now that we are enlightened by the truth, do we applaud the bravery and courage of these young men and women? No, we talk about “a litany of shame” by the clergy. We focus on the evil and depraved acts. We wonder who can we convict of a criminal offence.

We still don’t see it from the perspective of the child.

Yes, lets condemn and denounce but is it not a climate of condemnation and denunciation that left these children vulnerable and helpless? We should commend and celebrate the bravery of our children from whom we can learn so much. Our society needs to have the courage to speak up and listen to those who strike a different note.



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