Thursday, June 08, 2006

Men, huh!

Apart from being able to multitask, walk in high heels and wear clothes made by a contortionist, weomen are more sensitive & perceptive and less self-centred & impulsive than our male counterparts. That's the accepted wisdom.

The more sensitive and perceptive of my blog readers have detected that Blankpaige hasn't been herself for a few weeks. But then I have tended to let it show of late. I've found blogging a brilliant release. The sort of joy, I used to get from confessions before I realise that Fr Morrison had a serious drink problem. (I don't hold myself responsible for this, I hasten to add!) And I'm sorry if I've been dumping on Blogosphere. It's just that, unlike my real life girlfriends, you are such a good listener.

My pals and I pride ourselves in our feminine intuition and we believe that we know when each other are in trouble even before we do. Perhaps it's because I've blogged it out of my system, but none of my close friends have spotted Blankpaige's emotional meltdown.

However a big hug is due to the three fabulous male bloggers who recently took the time to sent me an email with a few words of encouragement. And to my sweetest cousin, Andy, who despite facing into his junior cert, took the time to give his big cousin a really big hug and made me laugh a lot. Some young one is going to land on her feet when she lands him.

Gentlemen, your perceptiveness and sensitivity does you and your gender credit. Might I suggest you take the rest of June off and enjoy the World Cup. You guys deserve it!



Blogger Omaniblog said...

Although I didn't write you an email because that would have been much too forward, I'd like to say congratulations. There's a bit of a tendency for women to crack jokes at the foibles of men. A perfectly reasonable but slightly boring activity, I think. You have taken the radical step of complimenting some men for being tuned in. I think it's one of these urban myths that men can't detect that something's going on. I prefer to think that men often sense plenty of stuff and decide to say nothing, for the moment. I know a few women who find it hard to hold back from blurting out their insights and feelings, of course.

11:37 a.m., June 12, 2006  

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