Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Its all in the Name

Travelling on the 46A this morning along the Stillorgan dual carriageway, I noticed a convoy of Outside Broadcast trucks heading no doubt to a Northside Dublin mortuary church. The livery on one series of vehicles - the catering support trucks - caught my eye. It wasn't because of my rumbling tummy, I swear!

This company Observe (or in actual fact OB SERVE) was described as Outside Broadcast Support.

This is probably one of the cleverist company names that I've seen in a while and so it deserves a shout out. Any others catch your eye?


Anonymous Sinead said...

I saw that truck this morning too!

My personal fave business name is Lino Ritchie, the carpet and lino company.

Their vans have a speech bubble saying "Hello, is it me you're looking for?"


11:09 a.m., June 14, 2006  
Blogger John of Dublin said...

Hi Paige, I often enjoy your blog but this is my first comment....

* I saw a van with Harris and Ford on it (Harrison Ford).

* An old looking restaurant in Pearse Street called "The Owl Restaurant"

* A Chinese take-away in Monkstown possibly run by an Irish guy called "Paddy Field".

4:26 p.m., June 14, 2006  
Blogger Paige A Harrison said...

Lino Ritchie and Harris & Ford are excellent examples.

The restaurant thing is a whole new ball game. My favourite is the ironically titled "Fragrant River" on the North Strand. I always imagine a Chinese pronounciation as "Flagrant Liver" and it adds a whole new spice!!

Then there is the whole hairdressing thing with "Curl up & Dye" being my favourite.

Name Awards Ceremony anyone?

4:40 p.m., June 14, 2006  
Blogger John of Dublin said...

Here's a link I came across to adverts..

It must be American....the comments, replies etc. from those who don't understand the adverts are nearly better!

6:46 p.m., June 14, 2006  

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