Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Ultimate Encyclopaedia

A wise man once told me that there was little point in researching because everything you need to know in the whole wide world is known by somebody already. This sage believes that all research efforts should be invested in developing an internationally acceptable communications system that would ensure that we find the person who can answer our question.

Sounds to me like Blog O'Sphere could be the very thing!

Omani posted an excellent article on the Dr Neary scandal and drew a parallel with the "Instittutional Racism" blamed for not fully investigating the Stephen Lawrence killing in London several years ago. It's a really excellent blog article and I thoroughly recommend you check it out. I concur with most of what Paul wrote except I think more discussion should go into the Individual v Institution role.

Omani's excellent title "Institutional Contraception" didn't quite capture all aspects of the case. But reading Sarah Carey's GUBU blog gave me the inspiration.

All you need to know to understand the Our Lady of Lourde/Neary scandal is the diagnosis of "Institutional Munchausen by Proxy". You should also check out the long time blogger Sarah even if only to comment that no self respecting female blogger has such perfect hair!

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