Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Legend of...

By accident I stumbled across an RTE television programme on Liam Clancy the other night. I know precious little about 'come-all-ye' ballads. Aran sweeters have always caused me to come out in hives. I absolutely detest those Brian Friel plays about how sad the young fella is, and how his father never understands him. I have never spent a night drinking in the snug in Doheny & Nesbitts with a fiddle player and a man with an accordian. Grown men who feel obliged to wear oil skins in Carnegie Hall unnerve me.

But I was blown away by Alan Gilsenan's programme. The honesty and humanity of the subject shone through with some power. I was transfixed by the glint in Liam's eye that was at times caused by devilment, othertimes by a tear drop. The voice has a quality that Liam Og Gallagher will never ever achieve. If he rocks long and hard into his fifties, Robbie Williams will never be as worldly wise. And James Blunt should be ashamed of himself for describing himself as a singer on his passport.

Those of us who saw the programme will realise how much those of you who didn't have missed.

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Blogger Omaniblog said...

Well, that's the end of my aran sweaters, my flute, whistle, harp and sean nos-ing...

1:39 p.m., March 20, 2006  
Blogger Fence said...

I never used to be into the "diddly-aye" music. But then I got Sinead O'Connor's Sean-Nós Nua. And really liked some of them. And of Christy Moore has always been great. So I tried Planxty, and loved them.

Not that I've bought all their albums or anything, but I've liked what i've heard.

3:15 p.m., March 20, 2006  

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